Social Media Tips for Small or Start-up Businesses

6 years ago

Guest post by Jenni Donno, a Sage One customer and Social Media guru!

About Jenni: “I live in Essex with my husband, two daughters and mad labrador Hugo. Like many women I juggle my work with a busy household and really enjoy helping small businesses get off the ground with their social media. I also love travelling, reading and being in the sunshine”.

Whether your business is large, small, established or start-up you cannot fail to notice that social media is playing a huge part in the way that businesses not only advertise their products or services but interact with their customers or clients.

Social media has basically opened up a whole new way of having a relationship with customers and clients and potential customers and clients.

We all know that ‘word of mouth’ is the best kind of advertising you can get and Social Media via the internet allows us to expand ‘word of mouth’ advertising beyond our usual circle of friends to as far a field as we would like.

However, I use the word ‘advertising’ loosely because social media was not designed for ‘direct’ advertising but works in a different way. It is all about being social, sharing, giving and interacting.

People buy from people they feel they know… so get to know your clients and customers. Tell them about what you do by all means, but make it a part of what you say, not all that you say.

Jenni’s top tips

I would advise all small and start-up businesses to have at least a Facebook Page (which is not the same as a personal profile), a Twitter account, and to be on LinkedIn. These are very easy to set up but if you do not have the time or inclination there are lots of people like myself offering services to do it for you.

Once set up, there are a couple of things that you need to do. Firstly start to build your ‘friends’ (Facebook) by asking people to ‘like your page’ and ‘followers’ (Twitter) by following other people first.

Secondly, start interacting. People are more likely to ‘like your page’ or follow you on twitter if they can see stuff going on and get a sense that you are a real person.

Of course I wouldn’t advocate putting anything really personal on your Facebook Page or Twitter account, but I like to call it ‘hairdresser’ talk, chit chat, small talk!

Mix this with updates from your company, special offers, events, news about staff etc and ‘like’, ‘share’, and ‘retweet’ other companies’ information which might be useful or of interest to your clients or customers. On Twitter, ‘join the conversation’ (their tag line!) and interact with what others are saying.

Social Media is also great for monitoring what you customers think about you and your product or service. If it’s good – share it, tell everyone, if it’s bad (hopefully not too often) deal with it for all to see. People are more forgiving when they see a company is keen to put things right.

Don’t expect miracles overnight with social media, as with any relationship it takes time to build, so be consistent and you will definitely see results.

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