Is it really possible to process a payroll in under 5 minutes?

6 years ago

Neilson Watts (Product Manager, Sage One Payroll)Hi I’m Neilson Watts one of the newest members of the Sage One team in the role of Associate Product Manager for Sage One Payroll in the UK.  It’s my responsibility to drive the future of our online payroll products by doing one thing; listening to what our customers want.

I live by one rule of thumb… Simplicity. I have to really as I’m not really that intelligent (well that is what my wife tells me anyway)!


In for a penny, in for a pound!

Everyone has to start their knowledge off somewhere right? Being a novice and new to anything is quite daunting, particularly when it’s something that’s quite important.

If I cast my mind back to around 20 years ago (when I had hair and was a lot slimmer), I was working in a small business and one day my boss came and announced that we were bringing the payroll back into the business after outsourcing it for a number of years.  Someone was brave enough to ask ‘why’? He gave me a light bulb moment that’s stayed with me all these years. He simply said, “what’s the difference between telling my Accountant the hours to calculate the payroll when we can do it by telling the software and have complete control”?

I pondered this thought and naively engaged the mouth before the brain kicked in; I admitted that as part of my BTEC college course I’d very briefly covered elements of payroll.

It was from this moment I realised I’d been left in charge of the company payroll. The realisation of what I’d done hit me like a very heavy lorry… I was in charge of keeping my colleagues happy by ensuring they were paid on time and accurately whilst also the enormity of getting it right for HMRC!

And this is what shaped my future career!

It was a week later that I was presented with a Dos version of a payroll product (that will remain nameless!) along with a Quick Study Guide that took 2 people to carry it.  When I first opened the software I realised the size of the task at hand and was left thinking ‘where do I start’? I did consider quitting for a moment but I battled through, dropping mistakes as I went but getting irate at how difficult the software was and how much knowledge I needed just to get up and running.

It was at this moment I had an epiphany… what if I could help influence simplicity in using business software? Months later an opportunity came up to join Sage… I jumped at it and 15 years later I’ve never looked back.

So is it possible to process a payroll in under 5 minutes?

Yes it is! The proof is in the pudding so they say so why not check Sage One Payroll in action in this short video.

Sage One Payroll is designed for the payroll novice (I really wish I had this 20 years ago) and will help you control and automate your payroll from £5 per month….or another way at looking at it….it’s only £1 per employee per month. Surely that’s cheaper than outsourcing it?!