Sage One working with accountants

6 years ago

Sheryl ThompsonPost by Sheryl Thompson (Campaign Manager). Sheryl is a member of the Sage Accountants’ Division in Manchester and specialises in marketing online solutions for the accountants market, in particular Sage One.

How Sage One can work with Accountants

Hopefully by now you’ll be au fait with Sage One, our online accounting and payroll solution for small business owners and their accountants. However just in case you’ve been living under a rock, instead of on a Cloud, for the last 18 months, it’s a service we launched back in January 2011 – to provide online Accounts, Cashbook and Payroll services to small businesses. There’s an Accountant Edition of the service so that you have access to your clients’ data in real time.

Well now we’d like to introduce the new support programme that we’ve launched around Sage One for accountants.

We call it the Sage Online Accounting Programme – giving it the handy acronym SOAP – and it’s designed to make it even easier for you to support your existing clients, and to attract news ones.

And the best news is it’s free to Sage Accountants’ Club members.

So what exactly does SOAP provide?

If you decide to join our SOAP programme, you’ll get access to a whole range of support tools and advice to help you promote Sage One – and therefore your practice – to prospective new businesses.

Features include:

  • Marketing support
    You’ll get access to the SOAP resource site on, where you can add your logo to ready-made marketing templates – such as emails, web banners and adverts
  • A dedicated SOAP Business Consultant
    Your designated Sage point of contact should you need any help or advice
  • Inclusion in the Sage Online Directory
    This directory sits on the website and is promoted to small businesses, and attracts new business for accountants using Sage One
  • Sage One webinars
    Unlimited access to our support webinars, where we offer advice on how to market your practice. We also run webinars for your clients to get them up and running with Sage One
  • Events support
    We can provide Sage One branded events collateral such as pull-up banners and freebies

As SOAP Business Consultant Francesca Holmes says, “We’re providing local and national marketing support that’s really going to help our Accountants’ Club members.

“This includes ready-to-use, dual-branded marketing materials, available on our website at just the click of a button. They’ve been specifically designed to help SOAP accountants publicise their practices locally and nationally, utilising the Sage brand, whilst also communicating the benefits of their practice as a Sage online accountant or bookkeeper.”

With HMRC compliance requirements increasing and the need to keep a keen eye on cashflow, small businesses are looking more and more towards the ease and flexibility of online accountancy. SOAP means that they’ll get such a solution, but it also means they’ll get a trusted accountant whom they know will provide timely, relevant and sound advice.

And SOAP can help you spread the word.

To find out more about the benefits of SOAP please contact Liz on 0845 111 11 11 or