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6 years ago

Importing your data into Sage One Cashbook & Accounts.

Here at Sage One we’re proud of the fact that we really listen to our customers; not only that, we also act on the feedback we get. And we do this continuously!

The proof is in the pudding – so our proof is in the regular updates that we deploy to our Sage One services.

Until recently, one of the most asked for features was the ability to import data, in order to save you time and sanity in place of having to manually enter data which can be boring and time consuming.

So guess what? We did just that and introduced a new import wizard. Now our customers who are using Sage One Cashbook or Sage One Accounts can import their contacts by adding customer and supplier details. Sage One Accounts customers can also import details of their products and services.

Now the process of moving existing data from an old accounting software program or an email client is quick and easy.

Here’s how to do it

The data has to be in the right format before you can import it so we’ve included a sample file as part of the import wizard to show you exactly what this format is.

This wizard then guides you through each step of the way.

To import your contacts:

From within Sage One click browse to the contacts area.

Now click on the Import Contacts button, then from the drop down menu select either customers or suppliers.

Import contacts menu





Just click the link to download the file. This is a CSV file which you can open in Microsoft Excel ©.

Read more about CSV files and the formatting of this file in our online help centre.

Import wizard screen



Once you have the file ready and are comfortable with entering information into the file in the right format you can start adding the required contacts details.

When you are finished adding all contacts details into the file save this somewhere you can find it easily. Make sure you save this as a CSV (Comma delimited)(*CSV) file.

From within Sage One, click “Browse” or “Choose file”. Then find the file on your computer and click Open, then click Upload.

And that’s it! You’re done.

If for any reason the file doesn’t upload you’ll receive a message alerting you to the fact that’s its failed. If this is the case you’ll need to fix the errors in the file and try again.

If successful, the message you get here will confirm that your upload’s been successful.

Your contacts will now appear in your contacts list.

Importing your products and services in Sage One Accounts is just as easy and follows the same format.

We really do love to hear from our customers so if you have any feedback or ideas you want to share with us, get in touch. Send us an email using