Let's hear it for the Mumpreneurs

6 years ago

This year, we’re really proud to be sponsoring the annual Mumpreneur UK conference being held on 30th September. The annual awards will also be held on the same day and we’re especially looking forward to picking the winner of the ‘Best Green Business Award’ which we’re also sponsoring.

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Mumpreneur UK is the UK’s leading support network for Mums in business and we caught up with Laura Rigney, MD of Mumpreneur UK (pictured), to find out why she loves being a Mumpreneur. This is what she had to say…

Laura_Rigney“As a mumpreneur I’m lucky enough to be able to work pretty much anywhere the fancy takes me. I usually stick to the office or, if the mood takes me, my front room simply because it’s familiar and comfortable but I’m always thankful that the option to change my scenery is available to me.

Take the other day for example. I was sitting at a table in a very noisy, very over crowded Wacky Warehouse; not the ideal work environment but perfectly functional. I was there because my son had a birthday party to attend and it wasn’t the kind you can drop the kids off at (more’s the pity).

This is another benefit of working for myself. My to-do list is currently at an all-time high with a different task on every line of two A4 pages but I don’t have to stop working just because I’m surrounded by screaming five year olds.

I’m lucky that my job gives me the flexibility that I need especially as we embark upon the summer holidays. I can’t imagine trying to find fulltime childcare for three rowdy little boys over six weeks. Thankfully, I can find part-time childcare, and work at home for the remainder of the time. The flexibility available to me is the only reason I’m able to do my job, be a mother and still remain sane!”


We’d love to hear about your experience of being a Mumpreneur so please leave your comments below (Dadpreneurs are also welcome!)