Sage One Support: Our Customer Charter

7 years ago

By Tom Ritchie (Sage One Customer Support Team).

We have a new team that’s a little bit different

We’ve set up a brand spanking new Sage One Support Team who are now all in place and ready to support our Sage One customers. My name’s Tom, I’m part of the team and I’m going to write a little about the rest of group and my experience of building what the Sage One Support Team looks like now and our aspirations for the future.

Building our team

The start of training involved the usual teambuilding stuff that makes most people cringe and after finding out that pretty much everyone wanted to skydive before they die, we started talking about culture; specifically about what we wanted our culture to look and feel like.

Members of the Sage One Customer Support Team

We looked at cultures within different companies including Google, Rackspace and Apple and had an in-depth discussion around what those cultures represented and how they impacted the people who worked there and their customers.

It was at this point that it became apparent that every member of the team was passionate about one thing; making our customers happy.

Having looked at the culture of these other companies and hearing stories about being allowed to take your dog to work or pop off for a nap half way through the day, we thought, “that may work for them, but what would work for us and enable our Sage One Support Team to become world class?”

There was only one place to find this out and that was from our Sage One customers, so we decided to call them for a chat. This is something that excites me about the new team – the fact that we are offering a proactive service in order to truly engage with our customers and, if we need to gather feedback in order to improve, we’ll go straight to the people that matter.

Our promise to you

After talking to our customers and looking at the feedback we had collected, we made a decision to make some promises around what we were going to offer and deliver. We decided it was important that our customers saw this so they could hold us accountable for fulfilling the promises we make. We came up with the Sage One Support Customer Charter.

Click here to view the Sage One Customer Charter in full size
Click on the image above to view the Sage One Customer Charter in full size

In a nutshell, our commitment to our customers is to provide:

  • Clear, friendly, honest and straightforward advice from the experts, so you can get on with what really matters
  • Getting started with something new can be daunting. But you’re not alone; rely on us to make it easy
  • You’ll always get our full attention and if we can’t solve your problem there and then, we’ll keep you fully informed
  • Your voice really matters. We’ll listen to your feedback and use it to make Sage One even better
  • You and your business matter to us. We want you to feel like we work for you
  • We’re always here for you – 24/7 via phone or email

This was just one part of our training but I feel it was the most important aspect. Our Customer Charter is something completely new and it was created based on what our customers wanted from their service.

I’m personally looking forward to my future with the Sage One Support Team and delivering world-class support to our customers! If you haven’t yet experienced it for yourself, give us a call on 0845 111 66 11 or email us at – we’re here for your 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!