5 steps to a great password

7 years ago

It’s always important to keep your data safe and secure when you’re online. One of the best ways to stay safe is to always follow best practice when it comes to choosing your credentials.

Here’s our guide to choosing a great password

Step 1
Make sure your passwords are complex. Use lower case and upper case letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols. Make sure the password length is longer than eight characters
Step 2
If you find it difficult to remember your passwords because they are long or complex (hopefully!), or if you would like an online site to generate passwords for you, check out LastPass.

Step 3
Create a different password for each website you use or wherever you access your data.

Step 4
Don’t use common dictionary words or real names.

Step 5
Never tell your password to anyone!

So how does Sage One protect your data?

The first thing we do to protect your data is ensure all transmission of data between you and Sage One is encrypted. We use high grade 128–bit encryption which is an industry standard.

We store all of your data in a highly secure environment managed by the experts at Rackspace. For more information visit the Sage One security page