The importance of first-class support

7 years ago

Here at Sage One, we have a dedicated 24/7 support team that you can contact on the phone whenever you need to.

The Sage One Manifesto

Believe it or not, we actually had a customer call in on Christmas Day when they were having a problem figuring something out; proof that when you’re a small business owner you never really stop working.

Why is a first class support service so important to our customers?

Well, it’s simple really. Many of the customers that we spoke to during our beta days were one man bands and we recognised that working on your own is tough.

Not only do you have to play the role of business owner, but you’re also playing the role of sales person, marketing manager, delivery driver, making cups of tea… we could go on as the list is quite literally endless!

With so much to do and with only so many hours in the day available, having to worry about keeping your accounts or payroll in order is something that we felt we could help to minimise.

Sage One was developed to provide a simple, easy to use accounts and payroll service to our customers. We tried to build it in a way that required very little prior experience or knowledge in these areas. However, you’ll always come across a time when you can’t just shout across the office and ask for someone’s help.

You’re never alone

This has become part of our manifesto for a better way of doing business and it’s the reason that we provide our support. If you’ve got a question, pick up the phone or email us and we’ll help. We also have an online help centre available.

Communication is a two way process

We’re here to help but we can only improve the way we do things with your support and feedback. Please tell us what you need from us.

How can we improve the service we provide? Do we need to provide you with additional information to make your life that little bit easier? Please let us know what you think.

You can leave a comment on this blog, email us at or complete this short online survey.