Welcome to the Sage One Blog

7 years ago

Hi there. My name’s Zeinab Lenton and I’m Marketing Manager for Sage One UK and I’m delighted to announce the launch of this, our new Sage One Blog.

Zeinab Lenton, Sage One UK Marketing Manager and one of the editors of the Sage One Blog.

Since we released Sage One in January 2011, we’ve been using a variety of methods to share what we’re up to, from in-app messages within Sage One to the Sage One Facebook page and our Sage One Monthly e-newsletter.

These are all great ways of communicating with the Sage One community. However, we knew that we really needed a blog to be able to share news and information with a wider audience that, as well as our customers, also reaches everyone else that might be interested in what we’re up to.

What we’ll be blogging about

We’ll be using the Sage One Blog to share all kinds of stuff, including:

  • Updates to Sage One and new features;
  • Tip and tricks from our Customer Services gurus;
  • Articles and profiles of some of our customers;
  • Thoughts and opinions from the Sage One team;
  • And a whole load of other things that we hope you’ll find interesting, useful and thought-provoking.

As with all blogs, communications shouldn’t just be one-way. I hope that visitors to this blog will feel motivated to join in the discussion using the Comments area at the bottom of each blog post, and even share posts on their networks.

Right now, I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on what kind of content you’d like to see on the Sage One Blog. Are there any blogs out there that you think work particularly well? Let me know what you think.