Easy Cloud Payroll
Secure, Accurate, Compliant

Pay your people, worry free.

Feel confident about your payroll with Sage One. It's so quick and easy, you can run your own payroll even if you never have before.
Payments and deductions

Breeze through the simple 4-step pay run. Enter hourly pay or salaries and we'll handle the calculations.

Real time information (RTI)

Submit your PAYE and National Insurance data to HMRC in just a click. Keeping compliant really is that easy.

Workplace pensions

We'll count you down to your staging date, guide you through preparation, then automatically assesses your workers. We've got you covered.

Easy corrections

Sage One helps you prevent and correct errors easily - don't worry, just amend a previous pay run and we'll handle the adjustments for you. No stress.

Payslips, P60s, and more

Print payslips, P60s, and clever payroll reports for your business. No need for special stationery, it's all built in.

Super easy

No experience or training needed - plus we're always on hand with 24/7 phone and email support, and web chat too. Our experts are ready to help.

Your pay run,
with added confidence.

Get accurate, compliant payslips each pay period in just a few clicks. Absence, attachments, bonuses, expenses, holiday pay, hourly payments, National Insurance, overtime, PAYE, pensions, salaries, student loans - now you can do it all.

Payroll for Parfumarija

Watch how Sage One Payroll helped Marija.

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