Bank Feed Status

This page will give you information on our current status of Sage One Bank Feeds.

Last updated 01/03/2017  09:50


Bank Feed Service Update:

Lloyds Credit Card (UK) – Yodlee are aware some users are failing with a 414 error. They are currently working on a resolution for this issue.

Royal Bank of Scotland (UK) – Yodlee are aware some customers are failing with a 412 error. This is due to some changes on the RBS website. Yodlee are working to resolve the issue.

Barclaycard (Credit Card) – Yodlee are aware some customers are failing with a 403 error and are working to resolve the issue.


All other bank feeds are currently operating as normal


Beta Feeds – UK and Ireland

Are you having trouble finding or linking with your banking provider?

Our service provider Yodlee does not support every single bank or account type available and are adding new ones (known as ‘Beta Feeds’) all the time. As these Beta Feeds are identified, we will add them to the list below.

Please note that the list is not exhaustive and you may be unable to connect if the Beta Feeds are undergoing testing by Yodlee.

– Airdrie Savings Bank (UK)

– Allied Irish Business Bank (UK&I) – Bank

– Bank of Scotland (UK) – Credit Card

– Bank of Scotland Corporate Banking (UK)

– Barnsley Building Society (UK) – Bank

– Britannia (UK) – Bank

– BT – Credit Cards (UK)

– Cash Plus (UK) – Bank

– Clydesdale Bank Offshore Business (UK)

– Coutts (UK) – Credit Card

– Coventry Building Society (UK) – Bank

– Cumberland BS (UK) – Bank

– Danske Bank Business (UK) – Bank

– Ffrees (UK) – Credit Card

– First Trust Bank iBusiness (UK)

– Halifax Business Banking (UK)

– Hammersmith & Fulham (UK) – Bank

– Handelsbanken (Card reader without cable) (UK) – Bank

– Handelsbanken (Card reader without cable) (UK) – Credit Card

– HSBC Bank Business Banking (UK) – Credit Card

– HSBC Business (UK) – Credit Card

– HSBC Private Bank (UK)

– Icesave (UK) – Bank

– ICICI Bank Business Banking (UK)

– Kent Reliance Building Society (UK) – Bank

– Kent Savers (UK) – Bank

– Leeds Building Society (UK) – Credit Card

– Lloyds Business Credit Card (UK)

– Monmouthshire Building Society (UK) – Bank

– My Argos Card (UK)

– Norwich & Peterborough Building Society (UK) – Credit Card

– Nottingham Building Society (UK) – Bank

– Royal Bank of Scotland Business Bankline (UK) – Credit Card

– Royal Bank of Scotland Business Credit Card (UK)

– Saga Savings (UK) – Bank

– Sainsbury’s Bank (UK) – Bank

– Skipton Building Society (UK) – Bank

– State Bank Of India (UK) – Bank

– Think Money (UK) – Bank

– Ulster Bank (Ireland) – Bank

– Ulster Bank (Ireland) – Credit Card

– United Savings & Loans (UK) – Bank

– West Bromwich BS (UK) – Bank

– Yorkshire Bank Offshore Business (UK)

If you’re still having difficulties using bank feeds in Sage One please email us at

Sage One Support Team